Physics-informed Machine Learning in Power Systems

April 2023 The increasing deployment of sensors such as smart meters and phasor measurement units in power transmission and distribution systems around the world has generated an unprecedented amount of

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

March 2023 Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular form of transportation, and as a result, so are EV chargers. EV chargers come in different forms, ranging from level 1

Substation Resiliency

February 2023 Grid resilience framework and metrics have been of industry focus as extreme weather events are occurring more frequently and the threat of man-made physical and cyber security grows. 

Sustainable Maritime

January 2023 The topic of Sustainable Maritime was selected during the IEEE PES Marine System Coordinating Committee (MSCC) plenary meeting in October 2022.  The topic was officially seconded by Mr. Rudi Schubert

Machine Learning for Power Systems

November 2022 Machine learning (ML) is one of the emerging technologies for implementing the next generation smart grid. In recent years, the PES community has witnessed significant efforts to explore

Mitigating Wildfires in a World of Climate Change

September 2022 The realities of climate change effects every region differently. The growth of severe wildfires has been an increasingly harsh challenge for electric utilities in many regions, both in

Influence of Renewables on Switchgear Equipment

August 2022 Over the last two decades, the integration of renewable energy sources and inverter-based technologies has increased significantly across the world. While this has been a positive impact on