Chapters FAQs

What is a PES Chapter?

The IEEE Power & Energy Society currently has over 220 local chapters worldwide. A chapter is the grassroots organization of one or possibly several jointly represented IEEE technical societies, in our case the Power & Energy Society, which directly serves the technical, educational, scientific, literary and professional needs of the membership and the public at large under the auspices of its geographical managing entity, which is usually an IEEE Section, or several joint Sections, or an IEEE Council, such as the Los Angeles Council, the India Council and the Japan Council. The chapter reports administratively to its managing entity, and serves the aforementioned member needs in the designated technical area(s) of the society or societies which it represents. The chapters help the Power & Energy Society to carry out its mission by organizing numerous activities at the local level.

Check your area for a PES Chapter. If one exists, find out about the programs and resources they offer. If one doesn’t exist, and you are an active PES member who would like to learn more about establishing a PES Chapter, please contact Julio Romero Aguero, PES VP – Chapters and Membership () or your Regional Representative.

What Are the Requirements to be a Chapter Chair?

To be eligible to be nominated for election to any chapter office, the IEEE Bylaws and MGA Operations Manual specify: The nominee must be a member in good standing of the technical society, or in the case of a joint society chapter, the nominee must be a member in good standing of at least ONE of the societies comprising the chapter;The nominee must be a member of IEEE of at least Member Grade, or above.Note that these requirements make the following persons ineligible for elected office:

  • Non IEEE Members
  • Non-Society Members
  • Affiliate Members of IEEE
  • Student Grade Members of IEEE
  • Associate Grade Members of IEEE

Chapter and Section/Council Officers–Please take note of these requirements and ensure that the By-Laws are being met.

How do I get funding for my chapter?

PES does not provide start up funding for chapters but all chapters are encouraged and eligible to earn funds via the PES High Performing Chapter Program. The objectives of this program are the following:
  • Encourage and support effective PES Chapter programs.
  • Reward Chapters that implement minimum program requirements and communicate with their members and PES in a timely and complete manner.
  • Provide up to US$1,000 award to each chapter that meets the requirements and deadlines

For more information visit the following page: High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program