PES Letters

PES Letters

This section of the Transactions offers a vehicle that speeds publication of new results, discoveries, and developments. The section affords authors the opportunity to publish contributions within a few months of submission to ensure rapid dissemination of ideas and timely archiving of developments in our rapidly changing field. Original and significant contributions in applications, case studies, and research in all fields of power engineering are invited. Of specific interest are contributions defining emerging problems and special needs in specific areas. Authors are encouraged to submit contributions to the Letters Section offering new insight to established techniques, concepts, and methodologies in electric power engineering. Such contributions are distinctly different from discussions of papers recently published in the Transactions, in that the former seek to broaden the scope, and point to potential enhancements to existing and established technologies. 

Original submissions are limited to 3 formatted pages. Revisions are limited to 3.5 pages. Letters exceeding these limits will not be reviewed. An author submits a manuscript by uploading a PDF file of the letter directly onto ScholarOne Manuscripts where it can be accessed by the Power Engineering Letters Editor-in-Chief, Editors, and Reviewers. See Part 2 of the Author’s Kit,, for complete instructions. (See Mandatory Page Charges for Power Engineering Letters for additional information.)

Mandatory Page Charges for Power & Energy Letters are limited to 3 pages upon submission. A half page may be added to respond to reviewer comments. If in the editing process, the letter exceeds 3 pages the author will be charged mandatory over-length page charges as follows: If a letter is submitted January 1, 2024 or later and it exceeds the 3 page limit the author must pay an over-length page charge of $250.00 for each page over 3. If a letter is submitted January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 and it exceeds the 3 page limit the author must pay an over-length page charge of $200.00 for each page over 3.

About resubmission of a rejected paper
Rejected papers should not be resubmitted without being substantially revised. After revision, rejected papers can be resubmitted no sooner than 3 months after the date of the rejection. A resubmitted paper will be treated as new submission and must adhere to the same page limit as any other newly submitted paper. If the paper is rejected for the second time, the paper cannot be resubmitted any more even if further modified. The authors must also indicate in the letter to the editor how the paper has been modified. Since the resubmitted paper is not treated as a revision, the authors should not include a separate document in which they address the comments of the reviewers. All modifications should be briefly stated in the letter to the editor. If the paper was rejected from one of the PES journals and the authors have revised the paper and resubmit it to another PES journal they must also indicate in the letter to the editor which journal the paper was submitted to originally and what was the reference number of the rejected paper.

Policy on papers published at PES financially sponsored conferences:
The Authors who have presented the paper(s) at the IEEE PES financially sponsored conference including PES General Meeting, PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia), PES PowerTech and PES PowerAfrica are eligible to submit the extended version of their conference paper(s) to one of IEEE PES Transactions for consideration of publication. The extended paper requires at least 60% additional new material relative to the original conference paper and is subject to a regular review process of the respective PES Transactions. The original conference paper should be referenced in the extended journal paper and new contributions with respect to the conference paper clearly identified. The final decision for publication on the extended paper is made by the Editor-in-Chief of the respective journal.

Instructions For Uploading PES Letters

In order for a letter to be submitted and reviewed, it must be uploaded by the author onto ScholarOne Manuscripts. The uploading procedure is the same as that for Transactions papers discussed earlier under “Paper Submission Procedures.” Complete instructions are also available on ScholarOne Manuscripts. The URL for the letters review site is:

Any new submissions received by the Power Engineering Letters Editor-in-Chief will be returned for direct upload by the author.

If the letter is accepted for publication, the author will be required to upload the following final files to ScholarOne Manuscripts (note: no changes can be made to the letter after acceptance):

  • LaTeX or Microsoft Word source file of the letter
  • PDF file of the letter
  • Separate graphics files in Word, eps, ps, tiff, ppt or Excel format if the graphics are not embedded in the source file.

In addition, the author will be required to submit a completed IEEE Copyright Form electronically via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

A proof of the letter will be sent to the corresponding author for review and approval.

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