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Communities & Councils

IEEE Big Data

The IEEE Big Data Community strives to aggregate information about the various endeavors occurring worldwide in order to provide a community of professionals in industry, academia, and government working to solve the challenges associated with Big Data. Join the community for free to stay abreast of activities including new products and services, conferences, webinars, educational offerings, publications, standards activities, and other opportunities. 

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IEEE Blockchain Community

The IEEE Blockchain Community provides a collaborative footprint between industry, leading entities in the field, and key blockchain stakeholders and implementers that encourages positive blockchain ecosystem growth and capture. Join the community to stay abreast of activities including conferences, webinars, publications, and other opportunities.

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IEEE Digital Privacy

The IEEE Digital Privacy Initiative is an IEEE-wide effort dedicated to champion the digital privacy needs of the individuals. The initiative strives to bring the voice of technologists to the digital privacy discussion and solutions, incorporating a holistic approach to address privacy that also includes economic, legal, and social perspectives. Join the IEEE Digital Privacy Community to stay involved with the initiative program activities and connect with others in the field. 

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IEEE PES Women in Power

Diversity is essential for any workforce or community. In 2012 we formed the IEEE Power & Energy Society Women in Power committee foster a more diverse leadership by supporting the career advancementnetworking and education of women in the energy industry. Our goal is not to simply increase the number of women in the power industry but to promote women into leadership positions as well. 

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IEEE PES Young Professionals

IEEE Young Professionals (formerly GOLD) was created in 1996 as a membership program to help students transition to young professionals within the larger IEEE community. IEEE young professionals are automatically added to the Young Professionals member community as they graduate. In addition, PES members who have received their first professional degree within the last ten years are automatically PES Young Professionals members. Currently, there are over 3,200 PES Young Professionals members worldwide. The PES Young Professionals Committee is dedicated to better serving student members of PES and assisting Young Professionals members in their transition to young professionals. This committee is currently focusing on the following initiatives:

  • Building continuity into student programs, transitioning to Young Professionals membership, and senior IEEE/PES membership. 
  • Provide students and young professionals with career services via PES-Careers, job fairs and conference seminars.
  • Educate students on Young Professionals membership and IEEE membership benefits.
  • Involving PES Young Professionals members in PES activities.

More information on the IEEE Young Professionals Program can be found here.

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IEEE Public Safety Technology

The Public Safety Technology Initiative strives to become a global platform for public safety agencies, suppliers, researchers, and all industry participants to discuss and exchange ideas on how emerging technologies can help public safety personnel be more effective in their field. 

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IEEE Smart Cities

As world urbanization continues to grow and the total population expected to double by 2050, there exists an increased demand for intelligent, sustainable environments that reduce environmental impact and offer citizens a high quality life. A smart city brings together technology, government and society to enable the following characteristics: 

  • a smart economy
  • smart mobility
  • a smart environment
  • smart people
  • smart living
  • smart governance

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IEEE Smart Grid

IEEE Smart Grid provides expertise and guidance for individuals and organizations involved in the modernization and optimization of the power grid. It is meant to serve as a stage for IEEE organizations to further promote the work they do in the Smart Grid arena, as well as, provide a collaborative space ​for its members ​to engage and encourage the successful roll out of technologically advanced, environment-friendly and secure smart-grid networks around the world. IEEE Smart Grid Initiative is intended to organize, coordinate, leverage and build upon the strength of various entities within IEEE with Smart Grid expertise and interest. 

IEEE Smart Grid Objectives are to:

  1. Set the Global Standard via Collaboration
  2. Provide Education, Research and Innovation
  3. Expand Global Reach via Marketing

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IEEE Sustainable ICT

The IEEE Sustainable ICT Community seeks to foster the incorporation of green metrics and standards in design concepts for various technical domains. The initiative brings together expertise from different fields, in conferences and publications, with a view to foster holistic design and standardization approaches. Join the community to stay abreast of developments in green information and communications technology. 

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IEEE TechEthics

The IEEE TechEthics program seeks to ensure that ethical and societal implications of technology become an integral part of the development process by driving conversation and debate on these issues. Join the TechEthics Community for free to stay abreast of program activities including conferences, webinars, and other opportunities. 

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