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PES disseminates the latest knowledge through the serial publication of technical journals on energy conversion, power delivery, power systems, smart grid, and sustainable energy, Power & Energy Magazine, Electrification Magazine and proceedings of sponsored conferences and meetings. A number of videos are also available. Links on this page guide you to information on accessing these materials and instructions for authors and reviewers.

**IEEE Policy on the use of AI Generated Text
As approved February 2023 by the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board – The use of artificial intelligence (AI)–generated text in an article shall be disclosed in the acknowledgements section of any paper submitted to an IEEE Conference or Periodical. The sections of the paper that use AI-generated text shall have a citation to the AI system used to generate the of AI in papers.

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Portfolio of Publications

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Transactions on Energy Conversion

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Transactions on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation

publication icon power delivery

Transactions on Power Delivery

publication icon power systems

Transactions on Power Systems

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Transactions on Smart Grid

publication icon sustainable energy

Transactions on Sustainable Energy

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Open Call For Special Section Transactions

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IEEE PES Letters

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Open Access Journal of Power and Energy (OAJPE)

IEEE PES Magazines