Smart Design and Control of Buildings and Communities and Achieving Low-Carbon Goals

February 2024

The building sector, who accounts for around 40% of energy consumption and 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., play an important role in the transition to a low-carbon power system. This trending topic will explore how smart design and control of buildings and communities can be leveraged to achieve our low-carbon goals. Topics include energy efficient systems in buildings, renewable energy resources in buildings, building grid integration, low-carbon communities, and grid-integrated transportation.
Active Committees/Task Forces of Interest

Smart Buildings – Loads – Customer Systems (SBLC) Technical Committee engages in many activities in this area. In particular, its subcommittee, Customer Systems & Smart Buildings Subcommittee, has a focus on smart building and communities. There are several related task forces:

  • TF on Low-Carbon Connected Communities (Low-Carbon CC)
    • Chair: Jin Dong
  • TF on Flexible Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (FlexGEB)
  • TF on Open Standards-based Grid-interactive Efficient Customer Systems
    • Chair: Mayank Sharma
  • TF on Creation of Smart Customer Systems Indicators to promote Grid-interactivity and Energy Efficiency
    • Chair: Steve Pullins
  • TF on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    • Chair: Constance Crozier
  • TF on Behind-The-Meter Distributed Energy Resources: Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Control
    • Chair: Junbo Zhao
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Other Available Material