IEEE PES Executive Advisory Council

Executive Advisory Council

The IEEE PES Executive Advisory Council for Regions 1-7 consists of active industry executives who are providing leadership and making a difference in the electric power and energy industry. It includes industry executive decision makers who have familiar with technical and operational issues associated with the electric power grid.  The intent is to engage a wide diversity of executives from various segments of the industry. 

The EAC members are executives who promote active participation by their employees in all IEEE PES activities, as well as promote IEEE PES to other executives and their employees.

Membership in the EAC is by invitation of the Chair. EAC members or other IEEE PES members my nominate executives to the Chair to be contacted about availability and interest. 


i. Help the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) provide more benefits to industry members and better communicate those benefits to the membership.
ii. Lead efforts to leverage those benefits in their respective organizations and to the overall industry and the society.

ii.  Lead efforts to leverage those benefits in their respective organizations and to the overall industry and the society.

iii. Provide strategic support to the IEEE PES Governing Board.

iv. Address industry issues and trends and share it across the industry.

v. Review and initiate specific initiatives by working closely with IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC).


To provide industry executive advice to the IEEE PES Governing Board and the ITSLC to increase the society’s relevance to the electric power industry and its ecosystem.


  • Engage industry (traditional and non-traditional) executives to be members of the Executive Advisory Council (EAC).
  • In collaboration with PES marketing develop a marketing and communications plan for increasing the visibility of what the EAC is and get awareness to C-Suite industry members.
  • Identify new ways to improve the communications between what is happening in PES’s Technical Activities and chapters and industry executives through ITSLC.
  • Develop a strategy to be connected with the IEEE USA Energy Policy Committee (EPC), which works with US governmental organizations and congress, on pertinent energy issues.
  • Participate and grow through the various PES groups relationships with:
    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (ITSLC)
    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) (ITSLC)
    • Department of Energy (DOE) (ITSLC)
    • Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
    • North American Transmission Forum (NATF) (ITSLC)
    • International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) (PES)
    • National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) (TBD)
    • National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) (ITSLC)

Relationship within IEEE PES

The EAC Chair is approved by the IEEE PES President and provides strategic support to the IEEE PES Governing Board. ITSLC leads and executes initiatives recommended by EAC and engages EAC members and their employees in its activities.


EAC Accomplishments

The EAC initiated, and its members contributed to the white paper on “Importance of T&D Grid Modernization to Achieve Decarbonization Targets” developed by ITSLC task force.

The EAC members contributed and reviewed the white paper on “Resilience Framework, Methods, and Metrics for Electricity Sector”.

The EAC members have been actively participating at number of IEEE PES conferences and as panelists and have promoted active participation of their employees.

They were actively engaged in brainstorming on industry trends and priorities with IEEE PES leadership at the IEEE PES General Meeting. They also provided executive perspective how to support IEEE PES members better.