Issue of Aging Equipment (end of life, diagnostics, etc.)

Asset owners in electrical power systems are faced with an aging infrastructure. In particular in North America and other developed countries, the number of electrical power assets reaching their end of service life increased in recent years. This is due the fact that most of the asset population has been put into operation during the boom years 40-50 years ago.

This fact brings the issue of asset life cycle management to the attention of the electrical power industry.

Special focus is placed on switchgear as they have a particular significance for the reliable performance of the electrical transmission and distribution network. Now, and even more in upcoming years, the industry needs to address maintenance strategies, aging processes and condition assessments. This all in regard to the right balance between a reliable electrical power supply and financial feasibility.

Having this in mind, IEEE Switchgear Technology and Innovation subcommittee has formed a task force which deliverable will be a  technical report that will aim to provide a guideline on aging switchgear management. It will cover information about common asset replacement strategies, how to find the appropriate strategy and what is currently applied in the power industry. Further in-depth information about state-of-the-art condition assessment and switchgear health index calculations will be provided. Finally, also the aging process itself and its influencing factors will be described and practical examples from the industry will be shown.

Active Committees/Task Forces of Interest
  • To learn more & get involved, please check out the IEEE PES Switchgear Committee’s T&I Subcommittee website here.
    • Switchgear Technology and Innovation subcommittee covers all matters relating to new Technologies and Innovations applicable to the Scope of the Switchgear Committee. This includes facilitating and conducting research, developing technical reports, and making recommendations for further advancement of IEEE switchgear standards.
    • If you want to get involved in the Switchgear Aging task force, or learn more about the other actives of Switchgear T&I, please contact Nenad Uzelac (chair) or Alex Lizardo (secretary).
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Technical Reports & Applicable Papers or Presentations
Power System Instrumentation and Measurements

Experience with Partial Discharge Measurements on Instrument Transformers in High Voltage Laboratory Acceptance Tests Identification of Aged Cable Section in 12.5 kV URD System based on Frequency Spectrum Determination of a capacitance model for inductive medium voltage transformers Application of an Optical Current Transformer for Cable Head Station of Hokkaido-Honshu HVDC LinkApplication of an Optical Current Transformer for Cable Head Station of Hokkaido-Honshu HVDC Link State Estimation of Power System Considering Network Parameter Uncertainty Based on Parametric Interval Linear Systems A Phasor Measurement Algorithm based on Phase-Locked Loop



2021 PES ISGT NA 2/18 Panel Video: Enhancing Grid Resilience Through Advanced Grid Sensor and Analytics Tools

The nation’s electric power system is undergoing a transformation driven by multiple factors including integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), a shift to more variable renewable power generation, greater availability of energy storage, and aging infrastructure. The result is an increasingly complex and dynamic grid where grid operators require greater visibility and coordination across all levels of the power system spanning transmission, distribution, distributed resources, and behind-the-meter assets. At the same time, natural and man-made threats to the power system have multiplied challenging the resiliency of the grid. Many strategies to offer enhanced resiliency when the grid is fragmented due to a severe event depend on local coordination of distributed resources such as networked microgrids. Maintaining the stability and resiliency of this dynamic grid requires access to advanced sensor data where and when it is needed.


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