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Just Announced!  2023 IEEE Power & Energy Society Award Recipients

We are excited to share that the 2023 IEEE Power & Energy Society Award recipients have been announced! Each year, we are proud to highlight leading society members and industry principals for their notable contributions to IEEE Power & Energy Society and the power and energy industry through the following distinct honors and awards. 

Join us in celebrating the 2023 IEEE PES Awards recipients at the 2023 IEEE PES General Meeting on Tuesday, July 18th at 7pm in Orlando, Florida.  The awards gala tickets can be purchased here and supporter options are also available here.

View our list of 2023 IEEE PES Award recipients below
Award Awardee Citation
Heidemarie C. Caswell
For innovative contributions to distribution reliability analysis, standards development, and energy distribution cost optimization
Cixuan Chen
For contributions to grounding technology and overvoltage protection for power systems, and the lifetime education in electrical engineering
Akira Chiba
For contributions to bearingless motors and reluctance motors
Hugo Alberto Sulca Sulca
For contributions to rural electrification in Peru
Damir Novosel
For promoting and mentoring electric power and energy engineers while creating bridges between the electric power industry and different stakeholders, including government, regulatory bodies, companies, universities, and industry groups
Deepakraj Divan
For contributions to distributed and decentralized dynamic control of transmission and distribution systems
Athanasios P. Meliopoulos
For contributions to power system education in protection, control and operation
Anamika Dubey
For contributions to optimization and control of electric power distribution systems
Mani V. Venkatasubramanian
For the development of synchrophasor based monitoring of power system oscillations that are used in grid control centers all over the world
Sudip K. Mazumder
For contributions to high-frequency link power conversion and control technologies for renewable energy
Marko Delimar
For contributions and leadership to IEEE and PES professional activities in support of Student Members and Public Policy
Alexander W. Schneider, Jr.
For the development of methodology and implementation of IEEE Standards on transmission and generation failure reporting and analysis
Rambabu Adapa
For advancing DC system representation in transient stability and electromagnetic transient programs, forwarding research in conversion of AC lines to DC lines, and advancing HVDC related education globally
Johanna L. Mathieu
For her innovations in technologies and strategies for integrating distributed energy resources, and her successful mentoring of diverse students in the energy field
Authors: R. Sioshansi, P. Denholm, J. Arteaga, S. Awara, S. Bhattacharjee, A. Botterud, W. Cole, A. Cortés, A. de Queiroz, J. DeCarolis, Z. Ding, N. DiOrio, Y. Dvorkin, U. Helman, J. Johnson, I. Konstantelos, T. Mai, H. Pandzic, D. Sodano, G. Stephen, A. Svoboda, H. Zareipour, and Z. Zhang
"Energy-Storage Modeling: State-of-the-Art and Future Research Directions" Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems Volume & Page Numbers: Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 860-875 Publication Date (Month & Year): March 2022
Yue Xia, Ying Chen, Yankan Song, and Kai Strunz
"Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of DFIG-Based Wind Energy Conversion System" Journal: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion Volume & Page Numbers: 560 - 572 Publication Date (Month & Year): March 2020
IEEE PES Outstanding Working Group for Outstanding Standard or Guide
Chair: Geza Joos, Vice Chair: Robert Cummings, Vice Chair: Anthony Johnson, Secretary James T. Reilly
IEEE PES Outstanding Working Group for Outstanding Technical Report
Chair: Junbo Zhao, Vice Chair: Alireza Rouhani, Secretary: Shahrokh Akhlaghi
PES-TR88, Power System Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation-Transition to Power Electronics-Dominated Clean Energy Systems, Prepared by the IEEE PES Power System Operation, Planning and Economics Committee
IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Awards
• Large Chapter Winner: UK and Ireland (R8) [Chapter Chair – Jianing Li]

• Large Chapter Runner Up: New Orleans (R5)

• Small Chapter Winner: New Zealand North (R10) [Chapter Chair – Kate Murphy]

• Small Chapter Runner Up: Miami (R3) and Lebanon (R8)
*Note, the IEEE PES individual award pages will be updated with 2023 recipients’ details once received.