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To recognize the most outstanding papers from among those nominated by each Technical Committee.

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IEEE PES Society-Level Technical Committee Awards Chair:

Jeffrey Nelson


Committee Members:

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2023 Award Recipients
  • “Energy-Storage Modeling: State-of-the-Art and Future Research Directions” 
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
    Volume & Page Numbers: Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 860-875
    Publication Date (Month & Year): March 2022″
    Authors: R. Sioshansi, P. Denholm, J. Arteaga, S. Awara, S. Bhattacharjee, A. Botterud, W. Cole, A. Cortés, A. de Queiroz, J. DeCarolis, Z. Ding, N. DiOrio, Y. Dvorkin, U. Helman, J. Johnson, I. Konstantelos, T. Mai, H. Pandzic, D. Sodano, G. Stephen, A. Svoboda, H. Zareipour, and Z. Zhang
  • “Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of DFIG-Based Wind Energy Conversion System”
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
    Volume & Page Numbers: 560 – 572
    Publication Date (Month & Year): March 2020″
    Authors: Yue Xia, Ying Chen, Yankan Song, and Kai Strunz
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Award Details


To recognize the most outstanding papers from among those nominated by each Technical Committee.


$200 for a single author; $100 each for two (2) or more authors, and plaques


Papers published within the previous three (3) years (September-October).


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Previous Award Winners

Past Recipients:


  • “Ground Testing of the World’s First MW-Class Direct-Drive Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator” IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 757-764, June 2020
    Authors: X. Song, C. Bührer, P. Brutsaert, A. Ammar, J. Krause, A. Bergen, T. Winkler, M. Dhalle, J. Hansen, A.V. Rebsdorf, S. Wessel, M.T. Brake, M. Bauer, J. Kellers, J. Wiezoreck, H. Pütz, H. Kyling, H. Boy and E. Seitz
  • “Definition and Classification of Power System Stability Revisited & Extended” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 36, no. 4, pp. 3271-3281, July 2021
    Authors: N. Hatziargyriou, J. V. Milanović, C. Rahmann, V. Ajjarapu, C. Cañizares, I. Erlich†, D. Hill, I. Hiskens, I. Kamwa, B. Pal, P. Pourbeik, J. J. Sanchez- Gasca, A. Stanković, T. Van Cutsem, V. Vittal, and C. Vournas
  • “A New Fault Location Technique in Smart Distribution Networks Using Synchronized/Nonsynchronized Measurements” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol 33, No 3, pp. 1358-1368, June 2018
    Authors: Mehrdad Majidi & Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli


  • “Full-Power Test of HVDC Circuit-Breakers with AC Short-Circuit Generators Operated at Low Power Frequency” by Nadew Adisu Belda, Cronelis Arie Plet and Rene Peter Paul Smeets
  • “Optimizing DER Participation in Inertial and Primary-Frequency Response” by Swaroop S. Guggilam, Changhong Zhao, Emiliano Dall’Anese, Yu Christine Chen and Sairaj V. Dhople


  • “Harmonic Stability in Power Electronic-Based Power Systems: Concept, Modeling and Analysis” by Xiongfei Wang and Frede Blaabjerg;
  • “Design of a New Primary Frequency Control Market for Hosting Frequency Response Reserve Offers from Both Generators and Loads” by Weifeng Li, Pengwei Du and Ning Lu


  • “A Dynamic Mode Decomposition Framework for Global Power System Osillation Analysis,” by Emilio Barocio Espejo, Bikash C. Pal, Nina F. Thornhill and Arturo Roman Messina
  • “Resonance-Free Shunt Capacitors – Configuration, Design Methods and Comparative Analysis,” by Wilson Xu, Tianyu Ding, Xin Li and Hao Liang


  • “Ancillary Service for Transmission Systems by Tap Stagger Operation in Distribution Networks,” by Linwei Chen, Hai yu Li, Steve Cox and Kieran Bailey
  • “Advancements in Centralized Protection and Control Within a Substation,” by Ratan Das, Mital Kanabar and the Working Group on Centralized Substation Protection and Control


  • “Battery Energy Storage for Enabling Integration of Distributed Solar Power Generation,” by Cody Aaron Hill, Matthew Clayton Such, Dongmei Chen, Juan Gonzalez and W. Mack Grady


  • “Voltage Ride-Through Capability Verification of Wind Turbines With Fully-Rated Converters Using Reachability Analysis,” by Hugo Nestor Villegas Pico and Dionysios Aliprantis
  • “Transient Cable Overvoltage Calculation and Filter Design: Application to Onshore Converter Station for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting, “ by Maren Kuschke and Kai Strunz


  • “Probing the Intermittent Energy Resource Contributions from Generation Adequacy and Security Perspectives,” by Wijarn Wangdee and Roy Billinton


  • “IEEE PSRC Report on Global Industry Experiences with System INtegrity Protection Schemes (SIPS),” by Vahid Madani, Damir Novosel, Stan Horowitz, Mark Adamiak, Javier Amantegui, Dan Karlsson, Shinichi Imai and Alex Apostolov
  • “Weather Normalization of Reliability Indices,” by Heide Caswell, Vincent Forte, John Fraser, Anil Pahwa, Tom Short, Mark Thatcher and Val Werner


  • “On Some aspects of Power System Stabilizer Blocking Logic,” by Matthias Baechle, Valerijs Knazkins and David Stutz
  • “A Fault-Tolerant Technique for Delta-Connected Vector-Control AC Moto Drives,” by Ahmed Sayed-Ahmed, Behrooz Mirafzal and Nabeel A. O. Demerdash


  • “IEEE PSRC Report on Performance of Relaying During Wide-Area Stressed Conditions,” by Damir Novosel, George J. Bartok, Gene Henneberg, Pratap Gopal Mysore, Demetrois a. Tziouvaras and Solveig Ward
  • “Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Prestrike Effect on a Transformer,” by Marjan Popov, Rene Peter Paul Smeets, Lou van der Sluis, Hans De Herdt and Jan Declercq


  • “Numerical Investigations on the Pressure Wave Absorption and the Gas Cooling Interacting in a Porous Filter, During an Internal Arc Fault in a Medium-Voltage Cell,” by David Rochette, Stephane Louis Clain and Francois Gentils
  • “Analysis of Multistress-Accelerated Aged Stator Bars Using a Three-Phase Test Arrangement,” by Ray Bartnikas and Richard Morin


  • “Voltage Sags and the Response of a Synchronous Distributed Generator: A Case Study,” by Edward R. Collins and Jian Jiang
  • “Hybrid-State-Model-Based Time-Domain Identification of Synchronous Machine Parameters from Saturated Load Rejection Test Records,” by Rene Wamkeue, Frederic Baetscher and Innocent Kamwa


  • “A DC Circuit Breaker with Ultra-Fast Contact Opening and Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs),” by J.M. Meyer and A. Rufer
  • “Investigation and Simulation of Fields in Large Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines with Skewed Stator Slots,” by H. Karmaker and A. M. Knight


  • “Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electric Motors,” by S. Nansi, H. A. Toliyat and X. Li
  • “Comparative Laboratory Evaluation of Pre-molded Joints for Medium Voltage Cables,” by V. Yaroslavskiy, M. Walker, C. Katz and R. Keefe


  • “A New Concept of Voltage-Collapse Protection Based on Local Phasors,” by G. Verbic and F. Gubina
  • “A New Algorithm Enabling Controlled Short Circuit Interruption,” by A. Pöltl and K. Fröhlich


  • “A Novel Hybrid Current-Limiting Circuit Breaker for Medium Voltage: Principle and Test Results,” by Michael Steurer, Klaus Fro?hlich, Walter Holaus, and Kurt Kaltenegger
  • “A New Method for Synchronous Generator Core Quality Evaluation,” by Gerald B. Kliman, Sang Bin Lee, Manoj R. Shah, R. Mark Lusted, and N. Kutty Nair
  • “Short-Term Scheduling of Combined Cycle Units,” by Bo Lu and Mohammad Shahidehpour


  • “Overhead Distribution Conductor Motion Due to Short-Circuit Forces,” by Daniel J. Ward
  • “A New Thermal Governor Modeling Approach in the WECC,” by Les Pereira, John Undrill, Dmitry Kosterev, Donald G. Davies, and Shawn Patterson


  • Wide-Area Measurement Based Stabilizing Control of Large Power Systems-A Decentralized/Hierarchical Approach,” by Innocent Kamwa, Robert Grondin, and Yves He?bert
  • “Three-Phase Short Circuit Testing of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Using Synthetic Circuits,” by Denis Dufournet and Georges F. Montillet


  • “Model Validation for the August 10, 1996 WSCC System Outage,” by Dmitry N. Kosterev, Carson W. Taylor, and William A. Mittelstadt
  • “Generator Winding Design-Amos 3 with 25 Years Experience,” by James A. Oliver, James R. Michalec, Beat Zimmerli, Reinhard Joho, Norbert Krick, and Albert Huber


  • “Broken Conductors Protection System Using Carrier Communication,” by Eduardo Cesar Senger, Walter Kaiser, Josemir Coelho Santos, Phillip M. S. Burt, and Caius Vinicius Sampaio Malagodi


  • “The Effects of Long Term Operation and System Conditions on the Dielectric Capability and Insulation Coordination of Large Power Transformers,” by Peter M. Balma, Robert C. Degeneff, Harold R. Moore, and Loren B. Wagenaar
  • “Microprocessor Based Instrument for Detecting and Locating Electric Arcs,” by Tarlochan S. Sidhu, Gurdeep Singh, and Mohindar S. Sachdev


  • “Digital Relay Reports Verify Power System Models,” by Charles F. Henville
  • “A User-Friendly Simulation Program for Teaching Power System Operations,” by Thomas J. Overbye, Peter W. Sauer, Caroline M. Marzinzik, and George Gross


  • “The Energy Absorption Capability and Time-to-Failure of Varistors Used in Station-Class Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters,” by K. G. Ringler, P. Kirkby, C. C. Erven, M. V. Lat, and T. A. Malkiewicz
  • “Computer Software to Automate the Graphical Analysis of Sudden-Short-Circuit Oscillograms of Large Synchronous Machines,” by I. Kamwa, H. Carle, M. Pilote, P. Viarouge, B. Mpanda-Mabwe, and M. Crappe


  • “A New Pole Slipping Protection Algorithm for Dispersed Storage and Generation Using the Equal Area Criterion,” by M. A. Redfern and M. J. Checksfield
  • “Loss Measurement in High Voltage Thyristor Values,” by M. Cepek, J. Douville, G. Fecteau, and R. Malewski


  • “An Implementation of a Neural Network Based Load Forecasting Model for the EMS,” by A. D. Papalexopoulos, S. Hao, and T. Peng
  • “Effect of Floating Conducting Objects on Critical Switching Impulse Breakdown of Air Insulation,” by F. A. M. Rizk


  • “Adjustable Speed Drive Retrofit for Ormond Beach FD Fans,” by J. A. Oliver, M. J. Samotyi, H. W. Weiss, and R. K. McCluskey
  • “Performance of Metal-Oxide Arresters Exposed to Ferroresonance in Padmount Transformers,” by R. A. Walling, R. K. Hartana, R. M. Reckard, M. P. Sampat, and T. R. Balgie


  • “A New Sensor for Detecting Partial Discharges in Operating Turbine-Generators,” by H. G. Sedding, S. R. Campbell, G. C. Stone, and G. S. Klempner
  • “Report on Bus Transfer, Part III-Full Scale Testing and Evaluation,” by P. L. Young, W. L. Snider, T. A. Higgins, and H. J. Holley
  • “Real-Time Reactive Security Monitoring,” by C. B. Auramovic and L. H. Fink


  • “Three Dimensional Magnetic Fields in Extra High Speed Modified Lundell Alternators Computed by a Combined Vector-Scalar Magnetic Potential Finite Element Method,” by N. A. O. Demerdash, R. R. Secunde, and Ren-Hong Wang
  • “Transmission Voltage Recovery Delayed by Stalled Air Conditioner Compressors,” by D. C. Dawson, W. R. Schmus, and B. R. Williams


  • “A Predictive Out-of-Step Protection System Based on Observation of the Phase Difference Between Substations,” by S. Mitamura, T. Nakamura, Y. Ohura, K. Omata, M. Suzuki, H. Watanabe, M. Yamaura, and K. Yanagihashi
  • “GIC Mitigation: A Neutral Blocking/Bypass Device to Prevent the Flow of GIC in Power Systems,” by V. D. Albertson, D. L. Carlson, B. L. Damsky, J. E. Harder, J. G. Kappenman, S. R. Norr, and G. A. Sweezy


  • “A Magneto-Optic Current Transducer,” by T. W. Cease and Paul M. Johnston
  • “Shaft Voltages in Generators with Static, Excitation Systems-Problems and Solutions,” by C. Ammann, K. Reichert, R. Joho, and Z. Posedel


  • “Adaptive Transmission Relaying Concepts for Improved Performance,” by K. L. Hicks, J. R. Linders, D. T. Rizy, G. D. Rockefeller, and C. L. Wagner
  • “A Refined Mathematical Model for Prediction of Bubble Evolution in Transformers,” by W. A. Fessler, T. O. Rouse, W. J. McNutt, and O. R. Compton


  • “Application of a On-Line Air Gap Monitor for Hydroelectric Generator Protection and Problem Diagnosis,” by P. Talas, P. O. Toom, D. E. Franklin, and R. A. Palylyk
  • “Influence of Harmonics on Power Distribution System Protection,” by J. F. Fuller, E. K. Fuchs, and D. J. Roesler


  • “Qualification of Switchable Metal-Oxide Arresters for a Protective Level of 1.6 P.U. on Hydro-Quebec’s 735 kV System,” by Y. Latour, G. St. Jean, A. Petit, and H. Huynh
  • “A Dynamic State Space Model of a MHO Distance Relay,” by Z. Peng, M. Li, C. Wu, T. Cheng, and T. Ning


  • “Dielectric-Withstand Levels of Some 735-kV Air-Blast Circuit Breakers Under Both Direct and Synthetic Out-of Phase Interrupting Tests,” by M. Landry, G. St. Jean, R. JeanJean, and B. Khodabakhchain
  • “Pros and Cons of Integrating Protection and Control in Transmission Substations,” by S. L. Nilsson, D. F. Koenig, E. A. Udren, B. J. Allguren, and K. P. Lau


  • “Optimal Powerflow by Newton Approach” by D. I. Sun, B. Ashley, B. Brewer, A. Hughes, and W. F. Tinney
  • “Development of Non-Fragmenting Distribution Surge Arrester” by R. E. Koch and H. J. Songster


  • “Transformer Response to System Switching Voltages” by R. F. Degeneff, W. J. McNutt, W. Neugebauer, J. Panek, M. E. McCallum, and C. C. Honey
  • “Transmission Network Equivalents for Electromagnetic Studies” by A. S. Morched and V. Brandwajn


  • “A Current Differential Relay System Using Fiber Optics Communications” by S. C. Sun and R. E. Ray
  • “Evaluation of a Functional Life Test Model for Power Transformers” by W. J. McNutt and G. H. Kaufmann


  • “Voltage Stresses Produced by Aperiodic and Oscillating System Overvoltages in Transformer Windings” by R. J. Musil, G. Preininger, E. Schopper, and S. Wenger
  • “Dynamic Stabilizer Verification Tests at the San Juan Station” by D. G. Ramey, D. S. Kimmel, J. W. Dorney, and F. H. Kroening


  • “Scale Model Studies of A.C. Substation Electric Fields” by Stephen A. Sebo and Ross Caldecott
  • “Characteristics of Static, Thyristor-Controlled Shunt Compensators for Power Transmission System Applications” by Edgar R. Taylor and Laszlo Gyugyi


  • “Real-Time External System Equivalent for On-Line Contingency Analysis” by Jorge F. Dopazo, Guillermo D. Irisarri, and Alberto M. Sasson
  • “Transient, Three-Dimensional, Finite-Element Analysis of Heat Flow in Turbine-Generator Rotors” by Anthony F. Armor


  • “A New Series Capacitor Protection Scheme Using Nonlinear Resistors” by A. L. Courts, N. G. Hingorani, and G. E. Stemler
  • “Ultra High Speed Relay for EHV/UHV Transmission Lines-Development, Design and Application,” by M. Chamia and S. Liberman


  • “Results of Subsynchronous Resonance Tests at Mohave” by D. N. Walker, C. E. V. Bowler, R. L. Jackson, and D. A. Hodges
  • “Determination of Frequency Delay Rates During Periods of Generation Deficiency” by M. S. Baldwin and H. S. Schenkel


  • “A New Concept in Station Arrester Design” by E. C. Sakshaug, J. S. Kresge, and S. A. Miske, Jr.
  • “Optimization of the Real-Time Dispatch with Constraints for Secure Operation of Bulk Power Systems” by W. R. Barcelo, W. W. Lemmon, and H. R. Koen


  • “Selective Pole Switching of Long Double-Circuit EHV Line” by Edward W. Kimbark
  • “A High Speed HVDC Circuit Breaker with Crossed-Field Interrupters” by G. A. Hoffmann, G. L. Barbera, N. E. Reed, and L. A. Shillong


  • “Operating Reserve and Generation Risk Analysis for the PJM Interconnection” by L. G. Leffler, G. A. Cucchi, R. J. Ringlee, N. D. Reppen, and R. J. Chambliss
  • “Operation of Surge Arresters on Low Surge Impedance Circuits” by R. W. Flugum and J. W. Kalb


  • “Response of Transformer Windings to System Transient Voltages” by W. J. McNutt, T. J. Blalock, and R. A. Hinton
  • “Simultaneous Power Interchange Capability Analysis” by G. L. Landgren and S. W. Anderson


  • “Insulation Coordination of Gas Insulated Substations” by H. W. Anderi, C. L. Wagner, and T. H. Doods
  • “Interactive Linear A.C. Power Flow Solution for Fast Approximate Outage Studies” by N. M. Peterson, D. W. Bree, Jr., and W. F. Tinney


  • “A Dynamic Surge Arrester Model for Use in Power System Transient Studies” by D. P. Carroll, R. W. Flugum, J. W. Kalb, and H. A. Peterson
  • “Arrester Protection of High Voltage D.C. Transmission Converter Terminals” by J. S. Kresge, E. C. Sakshaug, and S. A. Miske, Jr.


  • “Operation of Lightning Arresters on Abnormal Power Frequency Changes” by R. W. Flugum
  • “Current Limiting Gap Arresters-Some Fundamental Considerations” by E. C. Sakshaug


  • “Estimating the Switching Surge Performance of Transmission Lines” by A. R. Hileman, P. R. Leblanc, and G. W. Brown
  • “Stys Response of Measuring Systems for High Impulse Voltages” by Frank C. Creed, Gerald Newi, and T. Kawamura


  • “Insulation Coordination in APS 500-kv. Stations” by Andrew E. Hileman, William C. Guyker, and Joseph M. DeSalvo
  • “Power Flow Solution by Newton’s Method” by William F. Tinney and Clifford E. Hart
  • “Fault Protection with a Digital Computer” by G. D. Rockefeller


  • “Field and Laboratory Tests of Contaminated Insulators for the Design of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria’s 500-kv. System” by John Johnson, Dale E. Hedman, Roy C. Henderson, William S. Price, and Frederick J. Turner


  • “The Adaptive Reliability Control System” by Thomas E. DyLiacco
  • “How the Switching-Surge Family Affects Line Insulation” by John W. Kalb


  • “The Transient Temperature Rise of Buried Cable Systems” by John J. Neher
  • “EHV Surge Suppression on Interrupting Light Currents with Air Switches” by Eugene W. Boehne