Part 1: Introduction

(Part 1 last revised September 2022)

This part of the Author’s Kit lists the technical publications of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and defines the purpose, scope, audience, and intended use of this kit.


English is the official language of the IEEE Power & Energy Society for publication and presentation of information.

Technical Areas and Associated Topics

The technical areas covered by each of the PES Transactions are enumerated below.

Technical Publications

The purpose of the publication of articles and papers is to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering and the allied arts through the dissemination of information that is new or novel and that will be of both interest and value.

Technical publications of the IEEE Power & Energy Society include the following:

  • IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy
  • IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (T-EC)
  • IEEE Transactions on Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation (T-EMPR)
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (T-PWRD)
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (T-PWRS)
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (T-SG)
  • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy (T-STE)
  • Special Publications
  • Proceedings of PES General Meetings and special Technical Conferences
  • IEEE Power & Energy Magazine (P&E)
  • IEEE Electrification Magazine

About This Guide

The objective of the Author’s Kit is to provide guidelines for uniform format and style of technical publications to enable efficient reading and reference at a cost that permits publication of all papers accepted by the IEEE Power & Energy Society. This Author’s Kit is a reference document. Read the kit thoroughly to familiarize yourself with its contents, and then use it as needed throughout the publication process.


This Author’s Kit provides the basic requirements for preparing acceptable copy for publication by the IEEE Power & Energy Society. It includes procedures for preparing and submitting technical papers (conference and transactions), reports, letters, discussions and authors’ closures, and magazine articles. It also provides guidelines for presenting papers at PES meetings.


The primary audiences for the Author’s Kit are:

  • Authors of technical papers
  • Authors of letters
  • Authors of technical paper discussions and closures
  • Presenters and organizers of paper sessions, panel sessions, poster sessions, directed educational programs, and tutorials
  • Authors of magazine articles
  • Reviewers
  • Technical Committee and Subcommittee officers
  • Support staff.


  • This kit is divided into the following parts:

    • Part 1, Introduction, lists the technical publications of the IEEE Power & Energy Society and defines the purpose, scope, audience, and intended use of this kit.
    • Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 11 provide information about Transactions papers and letters (Part 2), Proceedings papers and other works written specifically for a conference (Part 3), discussions and closures (Part 5), and IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy papers (Part 11). Style/format guidelines for authors are specified (Parts 4a and 4b).
    • Part 7 defines the scope of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine and provides author guidelines, submission requirements, and electronic publishing information.
    • Part 8 provides information about the responsibilities and obligations of reviewers of PES Transactions papers.
    • Part 10 defines the scope of IEEE Electrification Magazine and provides author guidelines and submission requirements.
    • Part 12 provides information for conference organizers and reviewers of Proceedings papers.
    • Part 13 provides a brief overview of the process for becoming a PES Publications Webinar Series presenter.
    • Appendix A provides recommendations on prefixes, unit symbols and abbreviations, acronyms, and factors for conversion into units of the International System.

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