Technical Session Guide for the Presenter

Technical Session Guide for the Presenter

(Last revised October 2018)

General Information

Technical papers are submitted by the author to the Power & Energy Society as either Proceedings papers or Transactions papers. Every author of an accepted paper will be provided with an opportunity to discuss the merits of his or her contribution with peers. If a paper is submitted as a Proceedings paper, it is required that the author will pay any required meeting registration fee and present the paper in a session, the format of which is determined by the reviewing Technical Committee. Transactions papers need not be presented unless the author so desires. Accepted Transactions paper authors may present their papers in a PES General Meeting by submitting the abstract of the already accepted Transactions paper to the conference paper submission site by the designated deadline. The following session format is usually used during a PES meeting:

  • A poster session planned by the reviewing committee.

English is the official language of the Power & Energy Society for presentation and publication of information. If a presentation is to be made, the author must be prepared to present, discuss, and answer questions at the scheduled session. These steps must be followed in obtaining approval for a substitute presenter if an author is not fluent in English:

  • The author must arrange for a substitute presenter with approval of the sponsoring Technical Committee Chair. The presenter must be technically competent and sufficiently familiar with the work being reported to conduct discussions.
  • The author must submit in writing that a qualified substitute presenter has been obtained.

Panel Session Presentation

Refer to the publication Guidelines for Preparing Visuals for PES Presentations for specific information on the preparation of good visuals. All presentations must be on the PES PPT template. The presenter’s company logo may be on the first and last slides only. If the presentation is not on the PES PPT template, the presenter may not speak at the session. Please note, this is a PES Governing Board policy.

Panel presentations will be posted to the PES Resource Center after the conference. The collection method for each meeting will be announced. (Please note that the presentations must be provided with any embedded movies removed.) All Panel session presentations must be on the PES PPT template. All panelists must sign the IEEE Copyright Form.

Prior to the Session

Biographical material should be forwarded to the session chair by presenters two or more weeks in advance of the meeting. It is advisable that the biographical material also be taken to the Presenters’ Breakfast or pre-session meeting to guarantee that it is available.

Plan your presentation in advance to make the most of the time (to be determined by the session chair) which will be available.


The following facilities will be provided for each technical session at Power & Energy Society General Meetings:

  • LCD Projector
    Each room will be equipped with an LCD projector. Please note that NO COMPUTER WILL BE PROVIDED. It is the responsibility of each presenter to provide a computer if desired, and ensure its compatibility with the LCD projectors furnished by the conference. Compatibility can be tested in the Presenters’ Preparation Room that will be furnished with the same model of projector that will be present in each session room.
  • Projection screen
  • Power and extension cords
  • Podium and microphone.

Any facilities in addition to those above are the responsibility of the presenter. The presenter must contact the appropriate member of the local committee to make arrangements for additional equipment, and be prepared to pay in advance for its rental. All arrangements must be made with the prior approval of the session chair.

At PES General Meetings, a breakfast meeting is held on the day of the session where the session chair and presenters meet to finalize their preparations. At other meetings, some time prior to the session will be scheduled by the session chair for this purpose. Attendance at this breakfast meeting is mandatory.

During the Session

Each panelist will have 15–20 minutes to talk about his topic. The session chair will provide you with additional details at the Presenters’ Breakfast.

Presentation at a Poster Session

There is no template for poster sessions, however, your poster must fit on a 4 foot by 4 foot board. You are responsible for printing the poster yourself and you must bring the poster with you to the meeting.

For the General Meeting Poster Session

All presenting authors must follow these guidelines:

  1. Between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM on Monday, please bring your poster to the assigned room at the Convention Center (see the program at the GM).  Please exit the room once you have pinned up your poster. Doors will open for the event at 5:00 PM.
  2. Check for your assigned board. We will send you a handout with the board number that corresponds to your paper number prior to the meeting and PES staff and volunteers will be on site to assist you in finding your assigned board. Pushpins will be provided for mounting.
  3. Please note that your board assignment cannot be changed. Attendance will be taken at the Poster Session. If your poster is not on the appropriate board, you will be marked Absent, in which case your paper will not be posted to IEEE Xplore post conference.

3a. **If you have 2 posters, post both posters on their assigned boards, then add a note to one of the boards stating – “the author is presenting this paper at board number “ABC”.

    1. Poster Session regulations require that authors remain with their posters for the duration of the event in order to discuss their work with interested attendees. Occasional short breaks are permitted.
    2. At 8:00 PM, when the Poster Session ends, please remove your poster. Please do not remove your poster prior to 8:00 PM.

Poster Sessions at Other PES Conferences

All poster sessions are primarily run the same, however please visit the conference web site for specific instructions for your conference.

During the Session

Much of the session will consist of one-on-one discussion between the author and persons who have an interest in the topic.

Recognizing that many attendees will plan their schedule around the published session times, authors are required to be in the session room at their poster location for the entire session, except for minimal absence for short breaks.

"Paper Forum" Technical Sessions

PES Meetings will use a concept in technical sessions, known as the Paper Forum. The purpose of paper forum sessions is to respond to the large number of papers submitted for presentation. The paper forum allows the authors an opportunity to interest attendees in learning more about their paper and the investigation it represents.

At PES General Meetings, a breakfast meeting is held on the day of the session where the session chair and authors meet to finalize their preparations. At other meetings, some time prior to the session will be scheduled by the session chair for this purpose. Attendance at this breakfast meeting is mandatory.

Paper Forum logistics: A Paper Forum session will be held in a meeting room provided with a podium and microphone, along with easels, flip charts, and posters. The session will be divided into two parts: a brief PPT of each paper followed by a poster session. The session coordinator will introduce the presenters and their topic. Each presenter will then have 3–5 minutes to briefly describe why the paper was written. Presenters must use the paper forum template that was e-mailed to them.

Once all authors have given their brief PPT presentations, they will post a poster of their paper in the same room and stand at their poster for one on one discussions.