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New! IEEE Power & Energy Society Technical Report (TR-115) Flexibility for Integrated Grid Planning with Distributed Energy Resources

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – 10 October 2023 – IEEE, the world’s leading technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the betterment of humanity, reaffirms its commitment to fostering a decarbonized and resilient grid. The recently unveiled IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) technical report, “Flexibility for Integrated Grid Planning with Distributed Energy Resources, serves as a cornerstone for understanding the pivotal role of grid flexibility in addressing contemporary challenges, meeting evolving goals, and aligning with societal expectations for a sustainable future. Positioned as a foundational document, the report is poised to guide regulators, governmental bodies, utilities, and researchers in their collective efforts to advance the journey toward a flexible grid. Developed under the auspices of theIEEE PES Industrial Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC), the report incorporates insights and commentaries from diverse utilities and industries, offering a comprehensive global perspective. IEEE PES’ initiative, as demonstrated through this report, underscores its leadership in shaping the discourse around a resilient, sustainable energy future. 

This report emphasizes the significance of Grid Enhancing Technologies, particularly Distributed Energy Resources, and explores how these innovations can be harnessed to build a more flexible grid infrastructure. It addresses the following topics:

  • Grid Flexibility
  • DER Integration
  • Electrification
  • Integrated Grid and Resource Planning
  • Value of DER
  • Value of the Grid
  • Non-Wires Solutions

This report is intended for the general audience including regulators, policymakers, utilities, academics, and industry at large.

“Investments in the T&D grid provide flexibility to best adapt to evolving distributed and renewable resource technologies, load growth from electrification, and increased needs for infrastructure resilience.  Regulatory and utility integrated resource planning practices must evolve to recognize the importance and value of the flexibility that a well-planned grid provides.”

Shikhar Pandey and Ralph Masiello, Chairs of TR115

“The power sector is seeing a complete transformation – not just in a complete overhaul of supply side resources but a once-in-a-generation increase in electric demand driven primarily by electrification of heating and transportation. During this same period, we’re seeing rapid advancements in technology platforms, advanced meters, and the proliferation of new analytical tools at the disposal of grid planners. This paper is timely as it provides a high-level template for grid planners to assimilate technology options to not only advance decarbonization but doing so, effectively, through the utilization of Distributed Energy Resources.”

Digaunto Chatterjee, TR115 Member, VP Eversource

“Modern grid planning must be significantly expanded to not just solve for Reliability, Resilience, DER Integration, Electrification, and Economic Growth but doing so while also advancing Just transition, re-thinking rate-design to ensure affordability and advancing grid services to provide more customer choice. The TR115 members have done a great job in articulating this aggregate and complex evolution of grid planning .”

Aleksi Paaso, IEEE PES ITS LC Chair, VP LUMA

The technical report is available in the IEEE PES Resource Center, free for current PES members, discounted for IEEE members, and available for purchase by non-members.


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