How to become an Associate Editor for a PES Transactions

Thank you for your interest in serving on a PES Transactions Editorial Board

Engaging with IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) publications is an enriching experience for everyone involved. PES always welcomes volunteers who wish to participate in the peer review process. If you are interested in serving as an Associate Editor, contact Maria Proetto (), PES staff lead or the Editors-inChief of the relevant Transactions with a CV (2 pages maximum) containing:

1. The Transactions title of your interest

2. Your qualification, affiliation, experience and IEEE membership status

3. Your past five year’s track record of publications in the field of interest of the Power & Energy Society, preferably publication in PES Transactions

4. Your other volunteer activities for PES and its sister societies including review/editing track records

5. Your record of volunteering for other journals from other publishers

6. Any technical report, patents, IEEE or IEC standard in which you have been involved. This is essential for those who are working in industry but not very active in IEEE Transactions publications.

Obtaining a position on a Transactions Editorial Board is subject to the need for your area of expertise. Members are also appointed to promote diversity (gender, geography and affiliation). We look forward to learning of your interest in serving on a PES Transactions Editorial Board.

Bikash Pal
VP Publications, IEEE Power & Energy Society (2019-)