P&E Magazine Submission Information

P&E Magazine Submission Information

Each issue of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine includes several articles that contribute to a theme. The great majority of articles are invited papers managed by guest editors. On occasion, the opportunity arises to include an unsolicited submission. 

For consideration for publication in IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, articles should be submitted as Word files in single-column format. All text components of the article should be included, with all graphics, tables, and sidebar material shown in their desired location within the body of the article. Articles are limited to 6 magazine pages, corresponding to approximately 5,000 words, including graphics. Submissions should be submitted via the Manuscript Central Paper Submission site.

Guidelines for authors can be downloaded HERE and a template for articles can be downloaded HERE.

Following approval, authors will submit their final files via the Manuscript Central paper submission site. Instructions will be in the acceptance email.. Text files must include all text components of the article (e.g., body of the article, figure captions, tables, sidebars, if any, and brief author biographies), and should be submitted in Microsoft Word. Separate graphics files (300 dpi minimum) should be submitted in encapsulated postscript (.eps), TIFF (.tif), or JPG format; name each file according to its relationship to the article, e.g., fig1.eps, fig2.tif, etc.

Prior to publication, you will receive a review copy of your edited text for final approval and be required to sign an online IEEE Copyright Form.

Please note that a magazine article differs considerably from a technical paper which is prepared for Transactions status. Magazine articles do not contain abstracts, keywords, conclusions, and references (though suggested “further readings” are acceptable).  Magazine articles do not employ equations or formulas; “if it cannot be said in words, it does not belong in a magazine article.” Also, as Power & Energy Magazine is a four-color publication, articles should be accompanied with informative graphics, photos, and screen captures to enhance their content and be attractive to readers.