Mini Shaji Thomas


Substation Automation & WAMS

Smart Substations, Smart devices, Intelligent Electronic Devices, Merging Units, Substation Automation fundamentals, Process bus, Architectural levels, Digital Substation, Protection, Automation and Enterprise level application functions, Smart Transmission, Synchrophasors, Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS), Time synchronization, WAMS Application functions.

Distribution Management Systems & Demand Response

Smart Distribution, Distribution Automation, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), other Subsystems, DMS real-time and analytical application functions, Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage, Microgrids, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Homes, Home area networks, Plugged Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Smart Grid Fundamentals

Evolution of Smart Grid, old versus new grid, Components of Smart Grid, Challenges and Opportunities, Environmental benefits, Smart Grid solutions, Asset Optimization, Demand Optimization, Distribution Optimization, Smart Meter and Communications, Transmission Optimization, Workforce & Engineering Optimization, Smart Grid benefits, Status of Smart Grid implementations – Case Studies.

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