Anurag Srivastava


Tools for Enabling Cyber-Power Grid Resiliency with IoT Services

During cyber events, keeping the power on to critical facilities such as hospitals and fire department is essential. A number of resources are available with the integration of distributed energy resources (DER) to help improve the resiliency of the critical loads during adverse events in a power grid. DER’s are also being connected as Internet of Things (IoTs) Minimizing the impact of cyber-attack on the grid depends on one of these key factors: a) planning for cyber defense including services from IoT devices but preserving privacy, b) training of human operators and employee, and c) metric-driven control and operational decisions. A formal metrics is needed to quantify the cyber resiliency of the electric grid and how to use that for operational cyber-resilience considering IoT devices. This talk will cover the basics of cyber-power resiliency, tools for operational decision, and a testbed to validate cyber-resilience tools for the electric grid. Example ongoing work at the Pacific Northwest National Lab related to cyber-power resiliency will also be discussed.

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