Ali Moshref


Power Systems Grounding and Bonding

Grounding and bonding techniques are of the upmost importance in electrical system performance and overall cost. But above all, it plays an essential role in personnel safety and equipment protection. In this regard, engineers should have a good understanding of grounding and bonding issues and practical solutions to the most common problems. Participants will gain a general understanding of grounding and bonding methods, common issues and practical solutions:

  • Understand the basic principles of grounding and bonding of electrical systems and equipment
  • Know the applicable standards and design methods
  • Know how to measure and improve an existing grounding and bonding system
  • Apply sound grounding and bonding techniques in designing new installations
IEEE NCS PES/IAS Webinar on Power System Harmonics

The Power System Harmonics presentation will help attendees understand the sources, causes, effects, and methods of addressing power system harmonics. The presentation also covers study approach, field measurement, and monitoring programs and Harmonics standards. Example(s) will be provided.

Power System Engineering: Past, Present and Future

This short presentation highlights the transformation of power engineering in the last forty years in area of power system planning and operation. The rapid innovation and growth in computing technology, data acquisition, communication, information technology and advances of renewable power generation such as wind and solar have brought new opportunities and challenges for power engineers. The importance of flexibility in education to cope with these transformations is also discussed.

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