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Climate Change Survey Results

To our valued IEEE PES members,

Last fall, we at PES commissioned a nationwide survey to gauge the public’s perception of climate change, and specifically the role of engineers in driving solutions to combat climate change.

We want to share with you what we learned. The results illustrate that for most people climate change is a growing concern – both presently and for future generations. Engineers are viewed positively as innovative, creative and smart – trusted more than researchers, environmental advocacy groups, utility companies, or government agencies to find solutions to achieving a clean energy future.

And though some don’t know exactly what engineers are doing to fight climate change, a vast majority – 82% – are interested in learning more.

Here’s why that’s exciting. This opens the door to a unique opportunity for our organization. We can be more vocal about the innovative work we as engineers are doing to progress climate solutions – modernizing grids, developing clean energy and more. People want to learn more about us. So let’s tell them.

We are at the forefront of the rapidly changing technological advancements that impact everyone, from grid operators to manufacturers, to communities. By using our platform to communicate concrete examples of what engineers do to address climate change – constructing green buildings, monitoring environmental conditions, reducing electronic waste – we can both educate broadly and move the needle forward with policymakers.

As experts in engineering in climate change, we are in a position at PES to discuss the latest thinking to ensure people around the world can benefit from the same learning. IEEE is the right foundation and the right platform to have transparent, unbiased dialogue and facilitate change globally.

We encourage you to explore these survey results more fully, with key takeaways illustrated here, the summary and full results available here.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in IEEE PES. We look forward to what we can achieve together.

Warm Regards,

Shay Bahramirad
IEEE PES President 2024-25