Calls for Transactions

Visionary Series

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery Call for Paper (Ongoing)

1. Purpose

The Visionary Paper Series is designed for seasoned researchers or technical committees to share their visions on a significant trend or technical challenge facing power industry or to present innovative ideas/concepts that may produce a wide range of impacts. A paper of this series is intended to promote, influence or lead the research activities in the subject area. It also serves as an archive and recognition of the authors’ technical leadership and contribution.

2. General Requirements

A candidate paper for the Visionary Paper Series is not a review paper. In consistent with PWRD’s editorial philosophy, papers of interest are expected to deal with contemporary, concrete as well as realistic issues with a time horizon less than 10 to 20 years. Authors must have done some related research work. A paper should include the following components in general, with Components 3 and 4 constituting a substantial part of the paper (>50%):

3. Explanation of the subject and justification for its significance

2. Review and assessment of current developments

3. Presentation of some relevant research progresses made by the authors

4. Visions of the authors, such as research needs, strategies to move forward, methodologies and examples, how to make use of recent developments and so on.

3. Process of Submission and Review

We plan to publish 1 paper per issue on average in a series for the next 2 to 3 years.

The submission to publication process is as follows:

1. Authors email a 2~3 page proposal to the EIC of PWRD at any time (see next page for an example)

2. The proposal is reviewed by the editorial board. Feedbacks are provided to authors

3. If the proposal is accepted, authors have 6 months to prepare and submit the paper

4. The papers are reviewed with experienced but open-minded reviewers

5. For accepted papers, a webinar will be held during the early access period of the paper

6. Reader discussions and author clauses are also collected during the period

7. The papers are published along with the discussions/closures

4. Dissemination and Promotion of Accepted Papers

For each accepted paper, a webinar will be held for the authors to share their visions.

Furthermore, discussions submitted by readers (for example, because of the webinar) and authors’ clauses will be published together with the paper. Selected comments from reviewers and responses from authors may also be published subject to the consent of authors and reviewers. If there is a sufficient interest, an interest/discussion group can be set up using the IEEE Collabratec platform for continued exchange with the authors.

Authors, for information about objectives, requirements, submissions website, etc., please download the PDF.