PES Outstanding Chapter Award

About the Award

Recognize a PES Chapter for achieving excellence in providing the best set of overall programs and activities for its Members. 

Each year the Power & Energy Society Outstanding Chapter Award is given to the chapter that is judged to provide the greatest overall contribution and service to its members in the following categories:

  1. Technical Activities
  2. Societal Activities
  3. Membership Advancement, Fellow Nominations and Awards
  4. Enlistment of New PES Members

Activities for inclusion in the OCA report are defined as those that occur throughout the calendar year, i.e., January 1 to December 31. While it is recognized that many chapters operate on non-calendar year schedules, the intent is for chapters to report OCA activities that have already occurred. For example, the 2010 OCA competition includes activities that occurred during 2009.

The award consists of a custom-prepared Outstanding Chapter Award banner complete with the name of the winning chapter. This banner is useful and suitable for display at any chapter meeting, as well as at any local membership drive. In addition, the winning chapter officers are presented with handsomely prepared plaques in recognition of their outstanding leadership.

The OCA is split into two separate but equal competitions so that similar-sized chapters will compete only against each other:

  1. Outstanding Large Chapter Award (>100 members)
  2. Outstanding Small Chapter Award

All competition rules for the OCA are identical. Thus, both the winning large chapter and the winning small chapter will receive their own individual OCA banner and plaques. Refer to Guide for OCA.

Cash Awards

In recognition of all the hard work put forth by all chapters, large or small, winners or runners-up, cash awards will now be given each year:

  1. Winning Chapter = $1000
  2. Runner-Up Chapter = $250 each

Submission of the OCA report to the Chapters Awards Committee Chair, Paul Pabst () should be in electronic form. Paper submission is not acceptable.