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Women in Power: Humanitarian Technology and Actions for the Challenge of Covid-19

On the afternoon of November 1st, the “Women in Engineering/Women in Power: Humanitarian Technology and Actions for the Challenge of Covid-19” was successfully held in Wuhan Donghu International Conference Center. 

The conference was hosted by Dr. Ruomei Li, President of IEEE PES WIP (Power and Energy Society Forum for Electrical Women Engineers), and Dr. Hui Zhang, Assistant Dean of School of Electrical and Automation, Wuhan University Jenifer Castillo R., Chair of IEEE WIE Committee, Dr. Jing Dong, Chair of IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technical Activities Committee (2019-2022), Professor Zilan Xiong, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Senior Engineer Xinggan Guo, Institute of Rural Electrification, Ministry of Water Resources, and Mr. Bin Fu, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company attended the conference and delivered presentations.

IEEE WIE Committee Chair Dr. Jenifer Castillo R first gave a report entitled “IEEE for Benefit of Humanity Special Session”. It introduces the humanitarianism concept of IEEE and its great contribution to human society.

A report entitled “Brief Introduction for IEEE HAC and Sight” was delivered by Dr. Jing Dong, Chair of the IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technical Activities Committee (2019-2022). Dr. Jing Dong first introduced the IEEE HAC (IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee). She then detailed IEEE Sight, a global network of IEEE volunteers who work with underserved communities and local organizations around the world to harness modern technology for sustainable development. Finally, Dr. Jing Dong called for more young people to join IEEE HAC actively and become a member of SIGHT.

Dr. Zilan Xiong from Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a report entitled “Electrical Technologies for Anti-Coronavirus and Life Health”. Dr. Zilan Xiong first introduced the contribution made by the “electricians” to the fight against the Covid-19: maintaining the stable operation of the power system and ensuring the continuous and reliable electricity consumption of every household. After that, Dr. Zilan Xiong introduced Plasma Medicine Technology, a new electrical Technology for anti-coronavirus and life and health.

Dr. Xinggan Guo from the Institute of Rural Electrification of the Ministry of Water Resources gave a report entitled “On Electrical Safety Transformation and Upgrading — Path Dependence in the Upgrading”. Dr. Xinggan Guo proposed that Wuhan people have made great contributions to our country and even the whole world in fighting against Covid-19. Electrical engineers should learn from them to break away from old habits and create a safer electrical environment.

Mr. Bin Fu gave a report entitled “Response measures and thinking on power security under the new crown epidemic”. Mr. Bin Fu first introduced the impact of the outbreak on power production and power supply. He then detailed the measures taken to deal with the impact of the outbreak on the supply of electricity. Finally, Bin Fu summarized and exchanged his experience and thoughts on the power security under the Covid-19.

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