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About PES Women in Power

If we don’t get our cultural infrastructure right, we’ll have a very hard time transforming our actual infrastructure—technology alone won’t fundamentally change our relationship with natural resources.

—Andrew Shapiro
    Harvard Business Review Blog Network

Who We Are

The Women in Power initiative has pulled together a Leadership Advisory Committee comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their stories and their positions in the industry help to demonstrate, first hand, the success that anyone can achieve with a lot of hard work. 

This leadership team is supported by mentors and role models who share their stories and share of themselves to help realize the potential of women in the power industry.

What We Do

PES Women in Power fosters a more diverse leadership by supporting the career advancementnetworking and education of women in the energy industry. Our goal is not to simply increase the number of women in the power industry but to promote women into leadership positions as well.

Who We Serve

PES Women in Power serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry who are looking for leadership positions and career advancement. The skills, networking and mentorship that are offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants. 

But this is not just for women. Anyone could benefit from the professional development offered and everyone is welcome to join.

Mission & Goals


To advance the world through the creativity and innovation of diverse leadership, and to foster the careers, connections, and talent of women in the Power Industry to achieve their full potential to become the leaders of the future.


  • Develop early- to mid-career candidates for leadership positions through recognition and leadership education.
  • Develop support amongst institutions to provide opportunities for qualified candidates to ascend to leadership positions.
  • Provide networking opportunities and resources to help women in power engineering to advance their careers.
  • Provide inspiration and education through mentors, role models, and success stories.

What We do


Participants learn to develop and make use of their networks and are provided with networking opportunities at conferences and regional events.
PES Women in Power assists in matching mentors with mentees to provide ongoing, personalized coaching and advice.
Find or Become a Mentor
Role Models 
The stories of successful women in leadership roles serve as inspiration, motivation and a model for others to follow.


With Women in Power, the educational focus is on career development, with an emphasis on leadership skills—including negotiating and team building—that acknowledge gender issues. This professional development will be offered through webinars, local events and panel discussions at major conferences.


PES Women in Power provides leadership guidance and opportunities that adjust to a candidate’s level of experience in the industry.

Leadership models developed by a variety of corporations can be shared and brought to bear in other organizations.

Become a Member

Join PES Women in Power to help advance your career or to provide support to this initiative.

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