Transmission & Distribution Committee (T&D)

Transmission & Distribution Committee

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This is where it all happens! Anyone interested in learning more about the T&D Committee and helping advance the Committee’s work is welcome to attend. Join industry leaders to discuss and develop standards and technical issues involving electric power transmission and distribution. Volunteer and participate as much as possible. The T&D Committee is comprised of. volunteers and participation is highly encouraged!

Who We Are

The Transmission & Distribution Committee is one of many Standards Developing Technical Committees of the IEEE Power & Energy Society. The T&D Committee is comprised of technical and managerial representatives from electric power transmission and distribution system providers, manufacturers, vendors, academics, consultants, and electric power end users. The Committee’s products include IEEE Standards, recommended practices, and guides. We also organize panel sessions at PES conferences, publish working group papers in IEEE journals, and develop in-depth tutorials on emerging technologies and new standards. The Committee’s standards work provides a crucial service to society’s need for reliable, safe, and efficient power system infrastructure.

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Committee Scope

  • Overhead and underground AC and DC transmission and distribution systems
  • Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)
  • Overhead conductors
  • Structural coordination and mechanical problems of transmission lines
  • Towers, poles, insulators, and hardware
  • Shunt and series capacitors
  • Engineering in the safety, maintenance, and operation of lines
  • Harmonics and power quality
  • Integration of renewable energy resources into T&D systems
  • Reliability of the electric transmission and distribution networks
  • Transmission and distribution power system switching and voltage optimization
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Committee Chair 
Eriks Surmanis, Chair
Power Delivery Consultants, Inc.

Vice Chair
Julio Romero Agüero
Quanta Technology

Secretary & Treasurer
Rob Schaerer
POWER Engineers

Past Chair & Vice Chair for Awards and Recognition
Surya Santoso
The University of Texas at Austin

Vice Chair for Standards & Standards Coordinator
Daniel Sabin
Schneider Electric

Technical Committee Program Chair
Brian K. Johnson
University of Idaho

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Upcoming Events

  • 2020 IEEE PES General Meeting, Online Meeting
  • 2021 IEEE PES General Meeting, Washington, D.C., USA
  • 2022 IEEE PES General Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA