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PES Technical Council Publishes Technology Trends of Power and Energy in PES Technical Roadmap Report

The “IEEE Power and Energy Technology Assessment and Roadmap”, the first PES Technical Roadmap report, is now available for download on the PES Resource Center.

The report was prepared by the IEEE PES Technical Council with assistance from the IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee. The report identifies current strategic directions and technology trends to achieve Net Zero. The roadmap spans the next 10+ years to 2035 and provides global strategic goals for the power and energy industry.  The report serves as a professional and independent resource for energy producers, grid operators, electricity distributors, research labs, and academia, as well as policy makers.

The roadmap addresses the current and future status, gaps, challenges, and potential solutions for the areas of:

  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Reliability and Resilience
  • Grid Edge Technologies
  • Computation
  • Cybersecurity

The “IEEE Power and Energy Technology Assessment and Roadmap” is a living document. It will grow, evolve, and be updated as needed or as significant development arises that should be incorporated in the document.

There will be a panel session held at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Seattle on Wednesday, July 24th (10 AM – 12 PM) to discuss the report: strategic directions and technology trends of power and energy.