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PES Members elected to the IEEE Fellows Class of 2023

Congratulations, to the 2023 IEEE PES Fellows Class! We are proud to share that 33 IEEE Power & Energy members were elevated to IEEE Fellow.

The IEEE Fellow Award is a special recognition for members with extraordinary accomplishments in the IEEE technical fields. To ensure that the recognition is extraordinary, the total number of recipients each year cannot exceed 0.1% of the total higher-grade membership.

  • Nima Amjady– for contributions to uncertainty modeling and forecasting for power systems
  • Hassan Bevrani– for contributions to microgrid control
  • Zhaohong Bie– for contributions to power system reliability and resilience
  • Yonghong Chen– for contributions in wholesale electricity market design and operations
  • Paul Denholm– for contributions to energy storage in renewable-energy systems
  • Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia– for contributions to distributed control and uncertainty analysis of electrical energy systems
  • David Hart– for contribution to the development of the smart grid
  • Bernard Lesieutre– for contributions to electric power system dynamic modeling, simulation and power engineering education
  • Pierluigi Mancarella– for contribution to power system resilience and multi-energy systems
  • Michael Negnevitsky– for contributions to application of AI techniques for control of isolated hybrid power systems
  • Christian Rehtanz– for contributions to wide area monitoring, protection and control systems for electrical power grids
  • Toshiaki Rokunohe– for contributions to eco-friendly compact and reliable high-voltage equipment
  • Tomonobu Senjyu– for contributions to wind-power generator automation and control
  • Wanxing Sheng– for contributions to safe operation and coordinated control of smart power distribution systems
  • Konstantin Staschus– for the institutionalization of Europe-wide joint transmission grid planning
  • Stefan Tenbohlen– for contributions to leadership in power transformer reliability
  • Subramanian V Vadari– for leadership in electric power system planning and markets
  • Eiichi Zaima– for leadership in ultra-high voltage transmission technology and international standards
  • Javad  Lavaei– for contributions to nonlinear optimization in power systems
  • Howard Sedding– for contributions to practical partial discharge testing of electrical equipment
  • Pierre Verlinden– for leadership in high performance silicon solar cell and photovoltaics technology and commercialization
  • Bilal Akin– for contributions to control, diagnosis and condition monitoring of AC drives
  • Chengxiong Mao– for leadership in active control of power systems and its industrial applications
  • Kashem Muttaqi– for contribution to modeling and control of renewable and distributed energy resources
  • Fei Gao– for contributions to real-time simulation and control techniques for fuel cells and power converters
  • Zhiwei Gao– for contributions to real-time diagnosis and control of wind turbine systems
  • Hoay Gooi – for contributions to energy storage in microgrids
  • Zhigang Liu – for contributions to fault detection and protection in high-speed railway power systems
  • Richard Lanza – for developing novel imagers and radiation detectors applied to medicine and security problems
  • Ali Davoudi – for contributions to power-electronic dominant microgrid control
  • Marta Molinas – for contributions to modeling and stability of power electronics
  • Xiongfei Wang – for contributions to power-electronic-based power systems
  • Song Ci – for contributions to reconfigurable electric vehicle batteries