IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Award

About the Award

Each year the Power & Energy Society Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) is given to the chapters that are judged to provide the greatest overall contribution and service to its members. The OCA is split into two separate but equal competitions so that similar-sized chapters will compete only against each other: 

  1. Outstanding Large Chapter Award (>100 members)
  2. Outstanding Small Chapter Award (up to 100 members)
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Submission Outline & Requirements Submission Deadline: 1 April

Award Details


This Award was created to recognize a PES Chapter for achieving excellence in providing the best set of overall programs and activities for its Members.

Selection Criteria:

Each year the Power & Energy Society Outstanding Chapter Award is given to the chapter that is judged to provide the greatest overall contribution and service to its members in the following categories:

  1. Chapter Activities
  2. Membership Value
  3. Chapter Operations
  4. Other

The chapter must meet minimum defined criteria and achieve a minimum score of 45 points to qualify. Maximum achievable points: 100.


Any active PES chapter is eligible to apply for the IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Award. The Chapter shall not have won the OCA for the immediate three successive preceding competitions.


The award for both the Large and Small Winning Chapters consists of

  • $1,000 USD to the Chapters
  • A custom-prepared IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Award banner complete with the name of the winning chapter. This banner is useful and suitable for display at any chapter meeting, as well as at any local membership drive.
  • The Chapter Chair, Chapter Vice Chair, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter Regional Representative will receive plaques in recognition of their outstanding leadership.

The award for both the Large and Small Runner-Up Chapters consists of

  • $250 USD to the Chapters
  • Mounted certificates for the officers in recognition of their outstanding leadership.


Presentation of the award will be made to the Chapter Chair of the Winning Chapters at the annual Power & Energy Society General Meeting.



Recognition in various PES publications (PES website, Annual Awards Program, etc.)

Selection Award Committee:

Composition of the OCA Selection Committee:
Vice President, Chapters & Membership
Region 1-7 Representative
Region 8-10 Representative
Chair, Chapters Awards and Resources Committee ()

Should any of the individual Membership/Chapters positions listed above be vacant, the Vice President, Chapters & Membership can appoint an alternate judge.

Nominee Solicitation, Deadlines and Application Requirements:

  • The PES Chapters Awards Chair will email all chapter chairs via distribution list to solicit for nominations around March 1 of the year.
  • Submission deadline (usually April 1).
  • Submission shall describe the activities of an entire program year. For example, the OCA submission provided in 2023 will describe activities from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. If the chapter operates on a program year different than the calendar year, provide the most recent full program year period.
  • Chapters are free to use their own format (font, cover sheet, table of contents, pictures, etc.) however the chapter must organize, number and label each section exactly as described in the OCA Submission Requirements. Each section should fully describe the programs and/or activities of that category.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Nomination forms must be written in English. One per year. If no suitable candidate is proposed in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year.

PES, being one of IEEE’s Organizational Units, follows IEEE Policy 4.4H:

  • Eligibility and Process Limitations. Individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive, or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units

Previous Award Recipients

2021 Award Recipient – n/a
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Past Recipients:

2014 – Jessica J. Bian
2015 – Sandra Cecilia Vega Gomez