Farnoosh Rahmatian

Candidate Statement

Farnoosh Rahmatian

The global energy infrastructure demands a greater level of resiliency and flexibility, and PES offers an ideal platform for embracing and addressing this challenge. As a candidate for the IEEE PES President-Elect, I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this crucial mission. 

With three decades of involvement in various PES activities, I have witnessed firsthand the passion, expertise, and mentorship shared among PES members. These core values epitomize PES and make our membership a driving force for serving our communities.

My primary objective is to increase member engagement in solving the greatest challenges of our time, including mitigating and adapting to climate change, while simultaneously developing members’ careers. We must nurture young and innovative minds and foster collaborations with experienced professionals, both locally and globally, to develop the right solutions for tomorrow.

We must also cherish and leverage the existing synergy between industry and academia, one of the core strengths of PES, to address power and energy-related challenges and achieve a more resilient and sustainable energy future “for the benefit of humanity.


Dr. Rahmatian is a co-founder and president of NuGrid Power Corp.  He has contributed to several techniques for power system measurement and automation over the past 30 years.  He is a Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the IEEE for contribution to optical voltage and current sensors.  He is a past Chair of the IEEE Power & Energy Society’s (PES) Technical Council, active at PES Power System Relaying and Control as well as Power System Instrumentation and Measurements committees. He is also active in CIGRE (Distinguished Member), IEC, CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and NASPI (North American Synchrophasor Initiative). His present technical focus is on wideband optical sensors, synchronized measurement systems, digital substations, integration challenges of distributed energy resources, high-speed measurement of voltage and current, travelling-wave-based fault location, and grid resiliency efforts.  Farnoosh has over 100 technical papers and 12 patents to his credit. 


I have served on the PES Governing Board as VP of Technical Activities (2018 and 2019) and on the PES Technical Council for 10 years (various leadership/officer roles including the Chair). For the past three decades, I have been heavily involved in PES technical committees, chaired the Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee, and have contributed to technical standards and reports through various PES technical committees, including having chaired three working groups.  I established various process improvements for the PES Technical Council and contributed to re-organizing PES technical committees in the 2015-2016 timeframe.  I have been active in the PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee for the past 4 years, currently chairing the PES Corporate Engagement Program.  I have also been active at PES LRP (Long Range Planning) committee for several years, currently chairing subcommittee 5 on Climate Change. 

I have a strong track record for working well and efficiently with all PES leaders/volunteers – a team first approach. 

I have been a member of IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, and IEEE Standards Association.  Currently, I serve as the PES Technical Council liaison to CIGRE Technical Council and helped establish the MOU in place between IEEE (PES) and CIGRE. I also currently serve as the liaison between PES and IEEE Sensors Council.

I am a Fellow of the IEEE for my technical contributions. I have participated and presented at numerous IEEE and PES conferences and panels over the past 30 years.  I have served as the PES Technical Council’s Technical Program Coordinator for IEEE PES General Meetings 2015 through 2017, managing the technical panels (~ 100) and the conference paper review process (> 1000).  I have also served as a reviewer for several IEEE and PES journals and conferences.